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Tollgate is a people-oriented practice based on sociotechnical system theory that mainly supports knowledge creation, replication and extension of quality management for the purpose of helping organizations rigorously control the process of improvement activities. We guide you through every step of the way, from developing, analyzing, managing, to securing an effective platform. We assist with getting comfortable in the cloud so that capabilities can be quickly expanded to meet market needs. 

You Don’t have to Go it on your OWN! 

We believe in a partnership with our customers and technological tenants. The operational modality rest upon the care of teams making up an inter-operational workflow network, particularly in charge of monitoring, adopting strategies, action plans, and corrective measure on the basis of relevant technical services. 


Enterprise Mobility 








Productivity Solutions

We provide digital infra structure such as those for data centers, network integration, converged communication, hybrid cloud, and a variety of cabailities for corporate sustainability. 

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Our experience and extensive knowledge of various platforms fill the gap between additional support and skills needed to tackle the challenges of migrating, deploying, and running your applications







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Reducing your IT expenditures is only one side of the coin, our philosophy is forged in blending teams with processes, a millennium development goal line intended for the continuous re-engineering of the gates of success. 






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